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Zymoptiq technology democratizes the understanding, characterization and optimization of enzymes. Now, enzymatic measurement is simpler, more efficient and faster than ever.


With our Zymuplates you can perform metrological screening at very high throughput, without tedious equipment and on a wide range of enzymatic activities.
These tests require very little preparation, are quick and simple to implement and reduce the unit cost of an enzymatic measurement without comparison.

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Enzyme Activity Sensor Catalog


  • Xylanase (high activity)

  • Xylanase (low activity)

  • Glucanase 

  • Amylase 


  • Phytase 


  • Protease

  • Pectinase

We obtain CVs of less than 10% on complex samples even at low activity.

Our technology makes it possible to measure enzymatic activity in complex, unfiltered solutions. 

Our Zymplates are used with our dedicated reader, the ZymoCube. For a demonstration, for a test with your samples or for any other question, do not hesitate to contact us!  In addition, we also offer our various services:

One-off measurement on request

We can receive your samples and measure thetheir enzymatic activity in order to demonstrate the potential of our technology

Method development

We ensure the development ofyour new method of analysis using theZymoptiq technology taking into account the particularities of your environment and your samples.

Method validation and transfer

We also take care of the validation and processing at your request.transfer of this method to your analytical laboratory.

Specific sensor development

We can develop a sensor with a specific substrate to produceZYMPLATE to measure the enzyme activity you are interested interess

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