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Humidity balance


Precisa Ltd. is the leading manufacturer of analytical thermogravimetric measurement equipment. For the most accurate moisture content measurements and results, Precisa Ltd. excels with a wide variety of moisture analyzers, which meet the highest demands in research, production and quality control. We also offer competitive moisture analyzer price.


Water and moisture content play an important role in the processing and quality of products as well as the price of these products in many industries including pharmaceuticals, food industry, agriculture sector, building materials , etc.


Precisa moisture content analyzers are compact and robust, their use in the laboratory leads to significant improvements in production and saves time and money. This increase in productivity is brought about by a fully automatic analysis of the water content and the corresponding generation of measurement documentation records.


The 330 XM Series models all provide high quality, fast and error-free water content analysis using the highest levels of measurement accuracy and performance. The Precisa 330 XM series are easy to use, maintain and maintain. Our moisture analyzers are the result of Swiss precision in production and engineering, which guarantees robustness, reliability and long life of error-free operation at the highest levels of accuracy.

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