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  • Large platform 18 x 18, up to 5 x 2 L
  • TOUCH screen control over time, speed and temperature
  • Exceptional temperature uniformity
  • 19mm horizontal circular orbit for aeration and mixing
  • Instantly change vial clamps with MAGic Clamp ™ accessories
  • Optional shelf for petri dishes, microplates, etc.


Incu-Shaker ™ 10L is a rugged performer, designed for heavy workloads and continuous use. Its exceptional temperature accuracy and uniformity are supported by proprietary heat distribution technology that ensures temperatures are accurately maintained throughout the chamber. Inconsistencies due to lamination are reduced to negligible levels and the selected temperature is precisely kept below 0.25%, even in corners.

The powerful brushless induction drive is designed for years of trouble-free service, even under conditions of continuous use with heavy loads. Noise and vibration are minimized by an advanced computer-designed motor isolation system. Like other Incu-Shaker models, the 10L is built to last.

A standard rubber platform is included and is ideal for use with tissue culture flasks, petri dishes, staining trays, and other flat vessels. The convenient MAGic Clamp ™ platform is also available for use with Erlenmeyer flasks and test tube racks. Unique Magnetic Attachment Method (PATENTED) is the easiest way to instantly switch between vial clamps of different sizes.

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