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  • Precise temperature control up to 75 ° C
  • Dual-Convection technology, excellent uniformity and recovery
  • Includes temperature logger and SureCheck ™ software
  • Stainless steel chamber with internal power outlet                               

The new SureTemp ™ incubator series offers the highest level of control over  temperature with levels of uniformity and stability unmatched by competing models of the same category.

Each incubator is equipped with the SureCheck ™ data logging system for chamber temperature verification.  The SureCheck system records temperature data points as often as every 60 seconds and stores this information on a USB drive.  The data can then be viewed and recorded using the included SureCheck software.  The recorded data can also be used to plot temperature points on a graph or exported to a spreadsheet for verification or storage / logging.

Unlike other laboratory incubators, the SureTemp series offers “  Dual-Convection  ”, Allowing users to choose between mechanical convection mode * (for exceptional temperature uniformity) or gravity convection mode * (for longer incubations where air contamination or drying of samples may be. a problem).  The heating elements are strategically located on multiple sides of the chamber and the contents can be viewed with the separate interior glass door without disturbing the ambient temperature.

* Mechanical Convection: Incorporates optimally positioned heating elements in conjunction with an internal chamber fan to control internal temperature.
Gravity Convection: Removes all airflow from the chamber, relying solely on the heating elements and gravity to control the internal temperature.

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