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BenchMasher 400 paddle mixer

BenchMasher 400 paddle mixer


  • Mixing / homogenization without sample contamination
  • Touchscreen control with variable mixing speed and temperature control
  • Adjustable stroke length to accommodate samples of different types
  • Sample viewing window
  • Integrated UV lamp for decontamination of the chamber

Perform contamination-free mixing, mixing and homogenization using the BenchMasher laboratory paddle mixer. 

The ideal tool for preparing samples for the detection of pathogens and microbials in water and food samples where removal of contamination is essential. 

Its full range of capabilities extends to powder blending, polymer blending, and larger scale homogenization that cannot be accomplished in a small volume bead homogenizer. 

Prepare samples up to 400ml by loading them into a sterile mixing bag that is sealed when the door is closed. 

The mixing paddles strike the bag quickly and produce very thorough mixing and homogenization without ever coming into contact with the sample. 

The interior of the Benchmasher 400 can be heated and maintained up to 65 ° C for applications requiring thermal regulation, such as testing for Trichinella in meat products.

The Benchmasher 400 paddle mixer maintains sample sterility and integrity using the built-in 254nm UVC decontamination light that can be activated at any time 

Choose from a choice of three different sterile bag options to operate the Benchmasher 400 paddle mixer 


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