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  • Quickly spin droplets in PCR plates
  • Unique swing rotor design prevents spillage (patented)
  • Half the size of traditional juicers
  • Accepts all popular types of PCR plates (skirt, semi and non) and most microtiter plates


Benchmark's PlateFuge ™ is the first size centrifuge
"  mini  »With an oscillating rotor for microplates. Front centrifuge plates
PCR ensures that all reagents are at the bottom of the wells for appropriate concentrations and improved yields.

Despite its remarkably small footprint (9 × 10 in.), The PlateFuge ™
includes oscillating rotor (pending
patent) uniquely designed capable of attaching 2 microplates. The rotor chamber easily
accessible includes two plate supports that rest at a 75 ° angle. This allows the plates to be inserted with confidence without
seal ribbons or stoppers. By closing the cover of
centrifuge, rotor accelerates and force
centrifugal "  balance  »The plates in a horizontal position. All the droplets on the walls
of the plate quickly concentrate in the bottom of the well.

With a g force of 600 xg, most samples can be spun in less than 20 seconds.
To end a race, all you have to do is
opening the cover and the automatic electric brake brings the rotor to a quick and smooth stop in just 4 seconds. The plates can
then be easily removed from the rotor.

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