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Cell cultures depend on optimized growth conditions to thrive.  With precise temperature and CO₂ control, Benchmark's SureTherm ™ incubators provide the perfect environment for your cultures.  All SureTherm ™ incubators feature a proprietary heat distribution system that combines six-sided heating with an internal low speed fan.  The air circulates evenly throughout the chamber without exchange of air from the external environment.  The result is a controlled and protected environment with minimal temperature fluctuations (to less than 0.1 ° C).

They are the first and only incubators equipped with our IncuView ™ LCI (Live Cell Imaging) technology (patent pending) to visualize cells in "real time".  An internal microscope and large external screen allow cells to be viewed without removing them from the incubator, eliminating inherent temperature fluctuations and the risk of contamination.  Cells are easily viewed on the built-in large screen or viewed locally or remotely with a wifi enabled phone, tablet or computer. *

* Cell visualization requires optional IncuView integrated microscope shelf


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