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The agitating scales from Precisa open up new possibilities in the laboratory and industry. Dissolutions during weighing are faster and more efficient with precise weighing.

The Precisa 321 series combines precision, user-friendliness and ergonomics. The proven weighing technology is extremely robust and reliable over time. Users can enjoy its performance regardless of the environment. The blue fluorescent display provides high contrast and is always clear and readable.

Therefore, the integration of the agitator allows rapid dilutions during weighing. The magnetic pot cell ensures optimum precision during stirring. The agitator is easy to use.

In addition, the measuring cell developed by Precisa is characterized by high precision and reliability. It is completely assembled by hand, which ensures characteristics that an automatic process does not allow. It is, for example, completely rebuildable, which guarantees that it can be repaired at the best cost.

Finally, the internal calibration system developed by PRECISA ensures greater performance of the instrument. The operator can choose to trigger it manually or to program a time slot. The balance also detects temperature differences, automatically triggering its SCS if necessary.

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Precisa 321 LS CARAT Series

The Precisa models of the new LS series combine precision, overall user-friendliness and attractive design. Its reliable integrated weighing technology is extremely robust and durable. Users can rely on this model range even under the most difficult ambient conditions. High contrast provides perfect readability in any environment.


made in switzerland

Vacuum fluorescent display

Automatic calibration warning

RS232 interface for PC / printer

usb device

Support IQ / OQ / PQ

Anti-theft protection

Clock (GLP / GMP printing, auto-cal, etc.)

Weighing under the scale


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