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Our conditions of sale stipulated below are only valid and deemed accepted by  the buyer, unless otherwise agreed. Any modification must be agreed in writing.  The fact of placing an order implies acceptance, without reservation, of these general conditions.  These cannot be modified by contrary indications appearing on the vouchers.  buyer's order or in his general purchasing conditions.




All our proposals are made without obligation with regard to information.  techniques, dimensions, weight, etc.  The illustrations and specifications appearing in our instructions and prices are given only as a  indicative and without obligation on our part.  We reserve the right to modify certain articles according to the improvements recommended.  by our research department or our suppliers.  The dimensions indicated in our catalogs are in mm and give an approximation  dimensions on parts. The tolerances to be observed must be indicated to us during the  consultation and ordering.





Our prices are per unit excluding taxes in CANADIAN DOLLARS CAD, packaging included.  Our free prices get on: exworks  The prices appearing on our documents are without commitment of duration and can vary between  two commands. The price invoiced is that of the price in force on the day of the order.



Order acceptance


Orders sent to us directly or sent by our agents  or representatives are only taken into account when they have been confirmed in writing.  No order will be taken into account without mentioning the exact reference of the product.  appearing in the attached price list.




Our invoices are payable at our head office:


  • in cash, unless otherwise specified.


  • a 30% deposit will be required for material orders over $ 7,622 CAD.



Any delay in payments, in addition to the legal consequences, will automatically lead to the liability


an interest of 1.25% excluding tax per month of delay without further notice.


In addition, JCGENETICS reserves the right to suspend the execution of any delivery in progress.


If the buyer is in default of payment, or if his financial situation deteriorates, JCGENETICS


may require cash payment prior to delivery.



Time limit


Only the deadlines indicated in our acknowledgments of receipt are valid.  The deadlines start to run from the day of the full agreement, on the technical execution  and commercial clauses.  Our deadlines are stipulated as an approximation. We reserve the right to effect split deliveries.


In the event of major and unforeseeable difficulties, we reserve the right to modify our  delivery times without this being a reason for order cancellation or on request  indemnity.





It is imperative not to accept a package before having checked its contents. In case of damage  or missing items, the recipient undertakes to take the usual reservations with the  carrier by mentioning the damage on the transport receipt.


He must then confirm his reservations by registered letter within 48 hours of  receipt of the package addressed to the carrier, with a copy for JCGENETICS. In case of acceptance  without reservation, the recipient will be solely responsible for the damage.


Return of goods


No return of goods is accepted without our prior written consent. In  In particular, no spare part ordered and delivered can be returned to us in the event of  of non-use without this agreement.  An amount of $ 50 CAD will be automatically deducted from any eventual credit.  granted for this reason.


Retention of title


The delivered goods and products remain our property until full payment of  their price, even after delivery.  Therefore, in the absence of payment by the agreed date, JCGENETICS will be entitled to take them back.  by informing the buyer of his intention by simple registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt  8 days before the resumption.  Despite the application of this retention of title clause, the buyer will bear the  burden of risk in the event of loss or destruction in the delivery of the goods; he  will also bear insurance charges.





Unless otherwise stipulated, our equipment is guaranteed for 18 months from the date of invoice. The invoice serves as  warranty certificate. During this period, parts and labor are free.


In the event of travel entailing costs, these remain the responsibility of the buyer. All  other compensation for any reason whatsoever is expressly excluded.


This warranty does not cover:


  • routine maintenance operations,

  • handling errors, breakages during transport (see shipments),

  • external deficiencies: condensation, frost, overheating, flooding,

  • abnormal uses or uses not in accordance with the instructions for use (overloads, overvoltage

  • even momentary in the sector ...).


Our warranty is limited to the replacement of parts and repair under the above conditions.  stated.  Any part recognized by us as defective or non-compliant will be replaced without  this recognition could give right to damages.


Unplanned modifications, repairs or uses of the equipment carried out by the purchaser,  without our written agreement, we automatically release any guarantee. Any part replaced under  warranty becomes our property.


Our responsibility cannot be engaged for all the consequences that could  have our products on testing, storage or any other use without our written agreement and  individual with definition of the application and its environment.


Studies and plans


Any proposal requiring a study is made on a strictly confidential basis and cannot be  disclosed to third parties.  In case of delivery of plans to customers, they remain our entire property. They can neither  be used for the manufacture of parts, nor be copied or entrusted to third parties.  On our request, the plans must be returned to us. In the event of modifications to our products,  we do not undertake to recall or exchange plans that have lapsed.


We reserve the right to recall any proposal as well as the attachments having  is the subject of a study in the event of non-ordering.  Dimensions, weight, bulk, connection points, etc., are only given as an indication unless expressly confirmed by us.




For any dispute resulting from an order, the Commercial Court of MONTREAL will have sole jurisdiction.





Our drafts and acceptance of payment, as well as any special provisions taken by mutual agreement, do not opt for either motivation or exemption from this jurisdiction clause.

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